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Motorcraft Technical Resource Access (Documentation Online)

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Maybe many are aware of this, but I wasn't and no one told me.... I found it from the FordOwner Group...


Full Online access to real Ford Auto Documentation and Information is available from Motorcraft Technical Resource Access. (www.motorcraftservice.com) It is a subscription service from Ford. For a single year and model, (i.e. 2013 Edge), it costs $11 for 72 hours, $20 for a month and $110 for a year.


Everything is there and well organized, wiring diagrams, installation and removal diagrams for everything, door speakers, subwoofers, troubleshooting, audio system test methods (button combinations that run the systems thru tests), etc. Not just audio but drive train, service bulletins, recalls, etc... You can print any page and in color...


Pretty impressive and exactly what I was looking for..


Hope this helps...



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