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Ford Delays Edge Launch

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Any of the Oakville people at liberty to discuss this?




Off the record of course. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.





Im probably not at liberty,but not built station is the fact that they(ford management) has cut the manpower at our plant.So as a result the jobs on line are overloaded and undermanned.Two weeks ago they recalled 80 people to work only to lay them off again a week and a half later!MERRY CHRISTMAS. Most times when we have a launch we go in heavy on the manpower then reduce but this time they are doing the reverse.I do know they are taking their time with it and making sure nothing leaves the plant with any quality issues.They have a gruop of people outside triple checking for any quality issues.They also suspended the freestar build until the new year so they could focus on the lincoln and edge.So sit tight and hopefully you'll get yours soon (assuming you have ordered one) and it will be top notch quality!

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