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Good evening everyone.

I have a 2008 3.5 AWD Ford Edge that recently crossed over the 100,000 mile mark.

Recently i did a bit of service on it to include the following.

  • Replaced the original waterpump for a ford original part.
  • Replaced the oil with penzoil full synthethic after two engine flushes ( with a k&n filter after )
  • Drained and filled the tranny fluid with spec fluid ( 11 bottles of fluid )
  • Replaced the spark plugs to the .54 spec. ( All six plugs )
  • Put half a bottle of seafoam in the with the motor oil. ( Was this a good idea? )
  • Put in one bottle of seafoam in with the gas tank before a fill up.
  • Also did a power steering fluid drain and refill.

My question / issue that I have is


Whenever I go to accelerate it starts to pull or "jerk" while its shifting.

I cant really do any hard acceleration or quick take offs.

If I dont do anything but a normal from a complete stop then I have this issue again and again.


What could be the cause of this issue?


What can I do to resolve it?


I know this is very vague but Im not quite sure how to explain it and I hope that someone out there can help me?

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I don't have any specific ideas why this problem is there, but just looking at the work list, I thought:


1) Are the coils/plugs connected properly and securely? May not be firing on all cylinders consistently. Would be my culprit of choice.

2) Did you replace the PCV valve when doing the plugs? The consensus on this forum is that you pretty much have to mangle the existing PCV valve to do the plug change.

3) If the trans was "flushed" and it had never been flushed before, may want to inspect the fluid to make sure it's clean/smells normal. (Not sure of fluid capacities for the Edge.)

4) Did you reduce the oil used for the oil change by the amount of Seafoam added?

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I can't tell you how many mechanics I've talked to over the years that have all said .. that if you've not changed the trans fluid by 100k ... leave it alone.

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