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options 4 repair on my 2012 Alum Chrom Clads

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Aloha everybody,


I am on the big Island of Hawaii. This is my second Ford Edge. Wife and I really enjoy driving them.

We are unfortunetely having the same problem with the Rims on our 2012 as we did with our 2008. Scratching! I am hoping the issue has evolved since the incident in 2008 and we will not be forced to pay $1000 to replace a scratched 20x8 Ford Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheel.

Problem in Hawaii is, everthing cost more due to shipiing costs.


1.) Can I somehow detach the skin from the aluminum wheel and take it to a chrome shop to get rechromed and them take it to a body shop to have it riveted or welded back onto the aluminum wheel?

2.) is the skin riveted or welded to the aluminum wheel?

3.) does the small 2inch center cap pop off?


Mahalos to you all.




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