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TMPS, RIM Swap only 2012 Edge, can I use same TMPS?

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Hello fellow Edge enthusiasts!


I finally gave in and bought a new 20 x 8 Chrome clad Rim for my 2012 Ford Edge. I scratched the original RIm.

I am taking it into a Tire shop in about an hour and they are going to swap the scratched Rim on my Edge with the new Rim. Can they use the the TMPS sensors on the scratched original Rim and simply swap it overt to the new Rim? Is it that simple or does it need to be reporgrammed ect...


many thanks for your wisdom!!!1




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There should be no reason to re program it. It should shut the dash light off after a few minutes of driving on a freeway, if the light even comes on which it might not.

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