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2007 Ford Edge Factory Stereo Specs?

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Hi Everyone,


I'm brand-new to the forum (brand-new owner of a 2007 Ford Edge), and I have a question about the factory stereo in my 07 Edge SEL Plus. It's the 6CD changer deck. Can anyone direct me to specifications on this stereo, such as:


Type of amplifier (Mosfet?)

Type of DAC

RMS output/bandwidth

Number of outputs

Any and all other details available


I'm considering replacing the factory stereo with an aftermarket deck, but I'd like to be able to compare specs before purchasing a replacement. I'm also hopeful that a new deck will breathe new life into the factory speakers (as I've seen (heard) happen before), but the specs on the original factory stereo would help me make a better judgement call.


Any and all replies are MUCH appreciated! And I apologize if this topic has already been covered; if it has, just point me to the proper post, and I'll get out of here.


Thanks in advance!




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I don't have or know where to find any of the specifics you are looking for, but i have a hunch that there are 4 speaker outputs rated at 25w and a line out that feeds the sub amp (so 5 outputs in all).


Here is a link that has pictures of the OEM door speakers that lead me to that hunch:



You might could pull the head unit to see if any of those stats are on it.

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