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Smallest winter wheel size for Edge Sport AWD ???

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I will be receiving my 2013 Edge (Sport AWD model, bought slightly used), next week.

It was stored before winter and I will need to get some winter wheels (& tires) for it.

What is the smallest winter wheel diameter that fits the Edge, 17" or 18" ??

THANKS in advance !

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You sure that is an 18" Limited wheel? I thought the Limited had a chrome clad 18" wheel as the standard. Yours looks like the SEL standard wheels.


17" Edge wheels would also fit and can be found usually cheaper than the 18" wheels.

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I'm running 17" Factory Edge Wheels on my 2013 Edge Sport AWD.

The stock tire size on the 22" Factory Sport Wheel are much larger (rolling circumference > 4%) than the 17" Factory Wheel/Tire Setup.

So be careful with that.

Since you will be going w/new Winter Tires, take the opportunity to size them closer to your 22" setup.

The tire size I am using is 245-70-R17 which is slightly larger (0.53%) in circumference than the 22" setup.

So far this winter, they have performed flawless (much more sidewall rubber w/meaty treads)!

Edited by Eddie Man

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