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Bizarre & significant engine/pedal problem of unknown origin

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My 2011 Edge is experiencing a problem that the dealer hasn't yet been able to diagnose. Several times in recent weeks, including 3 times in one day this past Monday, the following occurs:


1. Driving normally, anywhere from a few miles an hour to 45-50 MPH (it hasn't happened at highway speeds yet), I'll hear/feel a THUMP from the pedal area, the wrench light will come on, and


2. Immediately, the gas pedal becomes completely non-functional. It moves freely, very loose, and no longer controls throttle. Useless.


3. I turn on the emergency blinkers, and slow down/pull to the side of the road. However, when we get down to 5-6 MPH or so, the brake pedal locks about 98% - freezes in place, essentially, and I have to practically stand on it to get the car to come to a complete stop.


4. I'll turn of the engine, wait a minute, then start it up again. It struggles for a few moments to start up, but when it does the wrench light is gone and everything is working again. It •feels• like there's a bit of a drag on the car when it's coasting, but I'll grant that that may be me being oversensitive to the car's performance after one of these events.


This has happened a total of 5 times in the past 3 weeks or so. It's disturbing, obviously, as is the fact that the dealer says they can't do much if they can't recreate the problem - which is a craps shoot, given that a week can go by between incidents.






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Could be something in the cruise control system.

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It does sound to me like the engine is actually stalling, that would explain the thunk and the brake pedal going hard as you run out of vacuum assist. But I would expect you'd get more than just the wrench light; the red oil pressure light and I think the battery light should also come on.

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