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Water keeps getting in, interior fan blower filled with water under dash

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I just recently bought a used 2008 ford edge.



just recently after a hard rain I noticed water dripping out of passenger side dash floor area



when I drive I can hear swishing around inside the dash.


NO CLUE HOW ITS GETTING IN. the drainage under the windshield is free flowing



then just last night I tried getting some AC. and the fan doesn't work at all. I took it out from the passenger side dash and it was filled with WATER!


theres a plastic air passage that seems to the final end of where the water reaches the fan but I have no idea where it starts to accept water.


Tested the connector to the fan no power....


anyways fuses are fine........don't know how to test the relay so its ordered and be here tomorrow.


hooked up a battery to fan directly and IT SPINS!


so my last guess is the relay unless someone has other ideas.


and anyone else have problems with water getting in?

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Had same issue with my old 2002 Chevy Malibu. Seemed to be cused by condensation from the AC system itself and not from external source. Occured more often if I left AC to recycle air. Issue self corrected on its own but still had my mechanic check and clean the AC drain plug under the car. Not sure if the Edge has a simlar drip plug under the car but if does and that is clogged, this can be the result.

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alright thanks, did seem to happen around the same time my dad told me to use the AC just to keep the system fresh or something like that. I try to have my windows down whenever I can to save gas, but relays seem to be ok.


my next question is how likely is it the AC/HEATER controller switches are bad and not giving power to the fan?


relays an fuses seem to be fine.

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