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2009 SEL Paint bubbling? Also, good interior cloth cleaner/stain remover?

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Hi all! :D

I purchased my 2009 Edge SEL AWD earlier this year. It is silver in color. Today a co-worker of mine informed me that she noticed the paint bubbling around the back passenger side tail light. So upon closer inspection I found multiple places where the paint has bubbled up and cracked/come off. It's mainly on the lip around the rear end tail lights and around the backup sensors. When I puchased my car I also purchased an extended warranty which I'll have to pull out later this afternoon and look over.... I guess my question is has anyone else had a problem with the paint doing this after only 4 years? It was a lease and rental vehicle before I got it, and had an average amount of miles (55k at 4 years old). Would this be something that would be covered under the extended warranty? I'll find out for sure later when I get off work and can look at my paperwork but I thought maybe someone else had gone through this as well. Also... anyone have any suggestions about things to clean the black cloth interior with? I let my mom borrow my car for 1 day (1 freaking day!) and when I got back in it the next morning there was a strange looking white stain on the driver seat near the center console (O_o). She says she has no idea what it could be (-_-) go figure. I got some cleaner but I'm afraid to use it because I don't want it to discolor the seat. I know I could do a test spot but... it still makes me nervous. Any suggestions? Thanks! :victory:

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