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2014 Edge SEL aftermarket radio & speaker install

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Hi All,


Bought a new 2014 Edge SEL last week and decided to upgrade the Sync MyFord (not touch) to a Pioneer AppRadio 3 7" touch screen. Also upgraded the speakers to Polk Audio DB-571. This interfaces to my iPhone 5s. The App Radio 3 interfaces to iPhone or Android (check Pioneer site for Android models supported)


I wanted an install that did not require cutting any factory cabling and would allow reverting back to stock easily.


Here is a link to some pictures I took. Sorry quality isn't that good, used my cell phone.




Here is a list of parts I used.


Pioneer App Radio 3

Polk Audio DB-571 speakers (two pair) (came with adapter cables for the Ford harnesses)

Metra 99-5829CH Dash kit

Axxess AX-FD02 wiring harness

Axxess AX-ADBOX2 OEM integration box

Axxess ASWC-1 Steering wheel integration module

Metra 40-EU10 antenna adapter





I had the AppRadio 3 from a previous vehicle install


Polk Audio speakers were ordered from Crutchfield. Free shipping and they provided the adapter cables to plug into the Ford harnesses. One note here - when plugging in one of the adapters one pin pushed out of the connector. It wasn't seated all the way. I pushed it back in then reconnected to the Ford harness. Double check before installing the speaker! Might save you some time troubleshooting.


Notes on doors: (see pictures in link above)


Front doors.

Two Phillips screws along bottom panel.

Bolts under power window switch plate and trim piece above door handle

One Phillips screw along front edge of door panel just forward of the vent opening.

Then there are some clips that pop out. Start at bottom front of door panel.


Back doors

Two Phillips screws along bottom edge of door panel

Bolt under plastic cap along back edge of door panel

Bolt under plastic rectangle under hand grip


Dash disassembly notes (Instructions with above kits are good but this will help!)

Trim pieces along sides of console pop off (4 clips). Start at rear of trim piece (closest to center console storage) and work your way forward.


Console top piece around shifter - Four Torx screws and three clips hold it in.Remove the four Torx screws and then pop up the rear to releae rear clip. slide if backwards until the front clips release. Be careful as there is a wire with an LED that attaches under the shift indicator on bottom of drivers side. Make sure it is in place before reassembly.


The rest of the instructions cover disassembly and reassembly.


Before installing new dash kit in place, test that everything powers up and follow instructions for the ASWC-1 to set steering wheel controls. This requires accessing the reset button and watching LED on the ASWC-1.


When completed with assembly, again remove battery for 1 minute and reconnect to reset everything. Then follow instructions to program the HVAC controls.


The voice steering wheel control allows Sync to make and receive phone calls. The volume up & down work with both Sync and aftermarket stereo, depending on which is in use at the time. Default Sync volume after resetting everything is too loud. Use volume down on steering wheel to reduce it.


Feel free to contact me for additional info!


RocketNJ AT gmail DOT com

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Thanks! Yes, link was bad. Fixed in original post. This site does not allow pasting text into posts so I entered it manually and forgot /user/ in the link.

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That looks great! One of the reasons I had gotten the first gen in 2012 was ease of replacing that radio... then I found metra kits and am kinda bummed. They look amazing.

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Hi Rocket..


Great install.. Now that you've had the system for a few months, just wondering how th metra kit has held up? Any issues with the buttons? In person, are you happy with the way it looks.. I'm thinking about getting one.. I just don't want it to look cheap/cheezy..



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