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Hello from Minnesota

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PartsPaul here signing on to yet another automotive forum.

As the handle implies, I currently am employed at a large Twin Cities MN Ford/Lincoln dealer doing what I seem to do best, selling Ford parts. I've been involved with parts and service over the past 30 years and seen lots of things come and go. I hope that if some of you have parts questions I can be of some help.

Just bought (yup, on the D plan) my wifey a 2013 Ford Edge SEL powered by the 2.0L Ecoboost engine. I didn't get much feedback from the techs in the shop as to whether I should go V-6 or EB, so I let her pick the car she liked best. Between our two stores we had only a few 'off' colors available. I knew white was out of the question as she has been looking at a 2002 Taurus in that color for a loong time, 197,000 miles worth. So she picked out a Ginger Ale SEL with just a few options on the sheet, so I'll add some tasteful accessories as time goes on.

Here are a few pics.Last one is the partsman's wagon!






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Welcome to the community, and congrats on picking an Edge as your wife's new ride :) We ALWAYS have parts questions, so your offer of assistance may see a lot of use!


Nice color on the Element too ...

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