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Silblade wiper blades warranty

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MESSAGE Customer
5/13/2014 3:56:24 PM
5/8/2014 10:17:32 PM 1 of Silblade Uni UB120 Hybrid Silicone Wiper Blade, 20" (Pack of 1)
Sold by: Amazon.com LLC

Shipped On : June 12, 2013

This product has a tear in center section of the blade.
I would like to return it for a replacement.

Tia, John carr

I have called and left a voicemail message, and two emails regarding the above item without a response. Please advise.

There seems to be no communication between the warranty Department and the consumer.I contacted a technician on one of silblade's

phone numbers. He told me this is a common problem with them.


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Amazon has been great for the two returns I've ever had to do with them. I just file a claim on the Amazon site and don't even contact the seller of the product. Both times I was refunded my money within hours.

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CARR142, on 15 May 2014 - 5:30 PM, said:snapback.png

The Tech at Silblade followed thru; and contacted CS on my behalf, received an email, and a voice from Romona,

"in Customer Service".

The replacement blade was shipped on Wednesday.


If anyone has a problem in the future; Call: 212-344-2200, ask for Romona, or email: (rparashis@silblade.com).


Receive blade today, JC

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Another testament to Silblade's customer service (also dealt with Romona) and she with my Id10t (idiot) duh moment...bought (from Amazon) a pair of blades for my wife's '13 Explorer, which has a redesigned wiper arm, and not for the better. This new design requires the blade to slide on the end of the arm, which also requires a swap of the bracket that Silblade mounts on the blade for most other applications, then you have to snap on a separate piece on the end of the arm to lock in the blade. Well, apparently I did not snap on the passenger side arm completely, Id10t rd 1; and found out after running it through a car wash that has the cloth scrubber strips that hang down and wave up and down over the car. Well, one of them knocked the end piece off and went who knows where. Get home and zip tie the blade to the arm until I can determine whether or not I can just get a replacement end piece. I contacted them through their website and after explaining what I needed, they sent the part. However, it appeared they did not send the end piece that I needed, just the bracket that must be swapped and it was in a small zip lock type bag. I contacted them again stating that I was still missing the end piece that I needed. She promptly resubmitted the order, this time with 2 in separate zip lock bags but i still did not see the end piece (Id10t rd 2 & 3 as I never opened the bags...). Contacted her again asking if there was an email address that I could send a picture of what I received and to make sure she understood what I was needing. She provided me her email, I sent her the picture of the little bags of items and one of the end of the other arm that I did snap on properly; and she resubmitted the order, again came in a small zip lock bag, but this time something was different, I could clearly see 2 pieces in the bag...the end cap being one of them...and so guess what was tucked inside the bracket in the other bags I had gotten previously that was not clearly visible...yes, the end cap that I needed...needless to say she is very patient as well with this Id10t...and I now have plenty of extra brackets and end caps should I make the same mistake again...

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