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Hello, I hope I can get some clarifacation here.


I bought a used 2013 Limited AWD in December from Hertz, no tow package installed and there was no option to add it either. :( and I can't figure out how to get a tow package at a reasonable cost.


Google search only gives me two bits of info:

  1. Ford.com says that the tow package is option 53G which includes a radiator, radiator fan, trailer sway control, hitch and wiring- no pricing available
  2. I also found a single post from this site dated 2012, it doesn't really apply anymore as the info is a bit old and pre-2013; in this discussion was the availability of the tow package at $350 -reasonable!

My ford dealer has the hitch only for $250, add a wiring for $75 and it does not include the other items from the 53G option.


Since the Edge has the 4 trim packages, does anyone know if the Limited will already include an upgraded radiator over the base model despite not having a tow package? I am having a hard time finding out what is included in the base vs SEL vs Limited vs Sport; I'm sure that the upgrades are not simply aethetics yah know?


I tried to compare the 2014 models starting from the base trim, a "tow option" is not available. You have to go up two trim levels to get the option. But the only difference that is shown is the added "advanced traction control option."


Looking at ordering each part individually, I'm already up $1000 which seems really excessive to me.



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No, none of the trim levels include any of the tow package components (cooling, sway control, hitch or wiring) - all of those components came only as part of the factory option 53G. That option is not a package you can buy and add to an existing vehicle. You could, of course, buy all the individual parts and install them but you have already seen that gets very expensive.


What are you planning to tow? The AWD 3.5L V6 is capable of towing 2,000 pounds without the factory towing package (i.e. just a hitch and the appropriate trailer wiring). That is plenty for towing a motorcycle, personal watercraft or small cargo trailer. The AWD V6 with the factory towing package is rated for 3,500 pounds towing capacity - significantly more but still not enough if you plan to pull a big boat or something. I would think that the sway control is not essential and is probably nearly impossible to add to a vehicle after it left the factory. The additional cooling of the larger radiator and fans is probably what makes the difference in towing capacity.


I have attached the 2013 Edge ordering guide which shows all standard equipment by model as well as available options and some technical specs.


2013 Edge Order Guide.pdf

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I have an Ford EDGE SEL 2013. I added an after market Hitch and did the wiring myslef. Its not ohard spent 210 in total in south florida. I tow a personal watercraft. No complaints so far, just that you burn more fuel while towing but other than that the edge handles it just fine.

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@TheWizard, Ah I see. The way I read the specs from the Ford Towing Guide was that towing capabilities were 'based' on having the factory tow package (radiator, radiator fan, sway control, hitch, wiring) which was what concerned me & led me to my quest to get the 'official' tow package installed as opposed to just throwing a hitch and wiring on. It does make sense that without the "extras" I can push the #2000 without much problems.


Only expecting to tow a HF 4x8 utility trailer for some road trips with the kids, figure it would be better than trying to stuff a week's worth of luggage, coolers and maybe camping gear inside; maybe when I grow up I can get a small ~17' boat too :)


Thanks for the attachment! looks like a dealer document the way it is laid out -much easier to understand than the online tool; Ford probably does that on purpose now that I'm thinking about it, making it harder to compare models could lead to better sales of higher trim packages ... :spend:


@ pamorin84 -what hitch and wiring did you end up with? Dealer told me that aftermarket wiring will make all lights in back turn on when braking and using signals; basically won't work since it's computerized or something like that.

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