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2010 Fored Edge Headlight issue

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I went to an HID headlight set up, after the first bulb burnt out the second went within two weeks. Deciding to go back to an OEM setup I went out and purchased the Slyvania Ultra Star bulbs. I installed them with great care and they did not turn on. After that I've checked the following:


Fuses #7 & 8...ok

Second set of bulbs

Wiring...without a multimeter, but will

All other lights on the vehicle are operating as they should.

Tried disconnecting the battery in hopes to reset the system.

There is talk about a new Smart Junction Box on some forums


Any help would be great...! Anyone experience the same issue??


My local dealer isn't the most trust worthy so i'd like to go in with as much info as possible. They will probably say i need a new wiring harness! They are bad, anything to make more money! Hate them!!

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