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Low beams will not shut off after installing Race Sport HID H11 Kit

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Hello everyone! I am proud to be part of this group, as I love my Ford Edge Limited. This is my first post so if I mess anything up (and I will) please forgive me and just let me know what I did wrong. Now here is my problem. I purchased a Race Sport HID kit to install in my 2009 Ford Edge Limited. I only changed out my low beams “H11” bulbs and now when I turn on my high beams, the lows do not shut off. I purchased the relay that runs hot from the battery, ground to the frame (same spot as my Viper alarm), one factory plug from the light to the relay, the two other out puts from the relay go to each ballasts, and then from the ballast to the light. It seems like everything is wired correctly and they work perfectly. When the lows are on the HID lights come on and so do the fog lights, but when I put on my high beams, the lows do not shut off. Why is this happening or am I so slow I never noticed that is how the Edge works? Is there a relay that could be bad and needs to be replaced or do I need to have it reprogramed? Thanks for any help that you offer.

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