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Something very wrong with my transmission.

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2007 ford egde having a transmission issue.


Every once in a while it would have a slightly hard shift, ususally when accelerating fast to merge into traffic. But earlier this week it completely stopped working after stopping at a stop sign. Aftrer turning off the car for a few seconds I turned it back on and it engaged very rough. After that it wouldn't shift out of first gear. The engine RPMs were high and my speed was low. It felt as if it was slipping. If I kept my momentum up I could drive about 20-30, but if I had to stop I would have to turn the car off and wait a bit until I could continue on.


The really odd thing was after sitting and waiting at a light about 2 blocks away from Aamco shop for a minute or so I turned the car back on and for those last two blocks the car acted normal. I was able to accelerate up to 50 and the car shifted normal. I pulled it into Aamco and later that day got a call that they couldn't get the car to move at all. They didn't find any codes, my fluid was at the proper level but smelled and looked burned (says the shop). They said they should do a rebuild. My question is what would cause these semi-intermittent issues where it would drive normal after sitting off for a while.


I have the transmission apart down to the OSS and TSS sensors. (There were several small metal shavings attached to the TSS sensor when i pulled it out.) How far should I tear it down. What else should I be looking for? I would rather find the cause and fix it myself or at least verify it needs a rebuild before spending 3Gs on it. Thanks in advance

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Metal shavings, never good! Not sure how far gone this is, but did you also check the PTU for low fluid/viscous fluid? Sounds like the TSB for broken orifice cup could be applicable here. The other culprits for trans problems are usually the transmission range sensor, and the TSS/OSS sensors, but they do not seem to be involved here.



tsb07-21-11 6F50 TRANSAXLES BUILT PRIOR TO 10-21-2007—DTC P0715, P0717, P0718, P0720, P0721, P0722 AND-OR HARSH ENGAGEMENT, NO UPSHIFT, FIFTH GEAR ONLY 2007-08 Edge.pdf

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Thank you for the reply.


I should note that when I drained the trans the fluid was a very dark red and did smell slightly burned. I could see a red tint when it was draining, but it looks very brown in the pan.


I did not check the PTU yet.


I am planning on replacing the sensors, but I wanted to take a look at the torque converter before I put it back together. How big of a pain is it to get it out. My alldata manual does not have the steps for this.

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Do you already have the trans out of the vehicle (last step 70)? SEEMS simple from thereon ...


  1. Remove the 7 torque converter housing bolts and remove the transaxle from the vehicle.
  1. Inspect the torque converter housing mating surface to make sure that the dowel pins did not come out of the engine block when the transaxle was removed. If the dowel pin is stuck in the torque converter housing, remove the dowel pin from the torque converter housing.
  1. Remove the 2 transmission fluid cooler tube bolts.
  1. Remove the 2 nuts, pull the transmission fluid cooler thermal bypass valve and the transmission fluid cooler tubes straight up and remove the assembly from the transaxle.
  1. Inspect the transaxle case to make sure that the transmission fluid cooler tube seals and backing rings were removed with the transmission fluid cooler tubes and are not stuck in the transaxle case. If the transmission fluid cooler tube seals or backing rings are stuck in the transaxle case, remove the seals and backing rings.
  1. If the transaxle is to be overhauled or if installing a new transaxle, carry out transmission fluid cooler backflushing and cleaning. For additional information, refer to Transmission Fluid Cooler Backflushing and Cleaning in this section.


Moving on to the disassembly of the transmission:


  1. Using the special tool (307-580 Special Holding Tool), install the transaxle onto the bench.
  1. CAUTION: The torque converter is heavy. Be careful not to drop it or damage will result.

    Install two 10 mm x 1.50 bolts into the torque converter to assist in handling the torque converter and remove the torque converter from the transaxle.



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