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Adding OEM Remote Start - Kits & Parts Explained (detailed) - 2011+

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Update.  The Generic kit that I got earlier this year is having an issue.  This is the kit that I bought and would not recommend it.



The generic keys that came in the kit seem to have defective RS buttons after a few months of use.   I would recommend a kit with better aftermarket keys or the official $150 - $300 kits from ford. 

I am having difficulty finding the keys alone.  As stated in the first post of this thread; 164-R8067 is a supplier part number.   When I search for that i get this link below.


They seem to have official remote start IKT keys and ilco aftermarket keys

- Official ikt Price: $139.95

- Illco Price: $39.95



Official Ford kit.

$150 https://www.fairwayfordparts.net/p-1-key-remote-start-fits-f150-super-duty-edge-and-flex-164r8067da8z15603a

$300 https://accessories.ford.com/products/100-series-plug-n-play-4-button-remote-start-system-1


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I can confirm, the keys included in my kit are my problem with range and intermittent remote starts.   The generic keys are not good.


I replaced it with this from ebay and works like it should.


Authentic rs key from ebay. I paid $110 after shipping.



I spent $277 between the kit with bad keys and one good key. I would been better off buying the $150 kit from fairway.

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So my wife and I had a few mis-starts with the remote start after adding an authentic RS key.

1. Press [LOCK] button on IKE

2. then double press [2X] button

the parking lights would double flash and it would not remote start.  I found the pin-point troubleshooting guide in the 2014 factory service manual.   For those that are looking, it is under Engine starting not RKE.


GROUP 3  - SECTION 303-06: Starting System


Pin Point F is for remote start.  I attached a PDF that contains only pinpoint F and separate PDF of DTC chart if it is needed  Again, PinPoint test F is consolidated and just pertains to remote start. PM me if anyone needs the entire section.


As soon as I had the troubleshooting tests in my hand, the remote start worked and I had nothing to test.  So, Murphy's law for now.   I have it ready in case it fails again.




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Bought the OEM kit with perimeter sensor and had the dealer install it

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