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Loss of power, and terrible grinding while trying to accelerate

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Some of you may have saw my previous thread about my traction contro light, ABS light, and wrench light coming on.


I dont know if this is related, but I havent solved that issue. Someone pointed me to a wheel speed sensor, which I am going to look into, but it hasnt left me unable to drive. Until today.


On the highway, passing a set of cars and was going about 75-80 to get around them, along with numerous cars right behind me doing the same, and I lose power. Traction control light comes on, Edge is losing speed and will not accelerate or even maintain the speed.


I finally am able to coast off the closest exit, I hit the brake and it felt like there was a brick behind the pedal. I put it in park, revved it and the engine was fine. No hesitation. Lights were all off on the cluster. I go to take off, give it some gas and go, then this terrible grinding noise starts under my feet, and I cant accelerate. Let off the gas pedal and was able to speed up enough to pull into a Kroger, and park it. Let it sit for probably 20 minutes, I turned the wheel all the way so I could attempt to see if there was anything obvious wrong with the wheel speed sensors, which I couldnt.


I started driving home, slowly obviously and all seemed to be ok. I was driving slower than a grandma though with my flashers on. Made it the rest of the 25 miles or so, cruising at about 55 with a few stoplights in between. Heard the grinding just once or twice during the whole time seemed to happen when I would be coasting down a hill and start to accelerate.


This whole time, only the traction control light was on, because I turned it off, in hopes of it helping me limp home. The brakes felt bad again once, but eventually the 3 lights came on again, and then it seemed to be "normal" to drive. No issues accelerating though I did NOT try to get on it at all, but the brakes were fine as well.


I am at a loss here, can this stupid "bad" sensor be causing this? I do NOT have the money right now to be dropping into this car, and even better - its my only car. I work 6 days a week out of state to top things off.


I will be getting down under it tomorrow and checking things out, and hopefully replacing said sensor if I can find out on my own which one is bad.


My biggest concern is the grinding. I should also add, that it shifts into ALL gears and OD perfectly smooth, no weird feelings from the trans.



Could this be that %@&$^%#*&^%$%$#$ PTU?

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You need to get a scanner and read the abs/traction control codes to give you an idea of what may be happening.

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Ended up being something related to the abs sensors on the front wheels. I think the correct name is the ABS Tone Ring, which is basically a speed sensor. It measures to make sure both wheels are spinning at the same rate, otherwise it kicks traction control on, or enables the ABS if you're braking, and apparently disables AWD too if the speed is uneven long enough.


Replaced those, and all my issues are solved. (Replacing them meant replacing the CV axle on each side)

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