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I am looking for a 2009 silver not chrome but silver passenger side assembly kit!! Or the Lincoln that is campitable with 2009 Ford Edge!! Would love for it to be silver if not I can always swap my current silver piece out on it!! If anyone has for sale again 2009 silver Ford Edge / Lincoln mkx mh passenger side mirror would like to get silver but right now any color will work!!! Please send me a message if you have one and would like to sell or get rid of please send message or reply!!! I hope I am in right thread posting new to the site!! Anyway if anyone has and wanting to get rid of please let me know I will by immediately just send message or reply to post!!!

Thanks all maybe someone will have what I need,

Thanks again


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Only thing I need is the mirrors that are for the Lincoln!! Need to be electric would love to get it in silver with black hard plastic under it! My mirror cover the back peace is good but would like to have new one! I bought the mirror assembly kit from dealership so you can imagine I get home start putting on they told me this is for 2009 to 2011!! Well started working on today started at 330pm finished 430 am yes that long for one mirror three bolts!! It would not fit well I got bright idea since it is for couple different year models maybe you have to tweet it some cut this off and that of to make fit!! Nope did not work at this point I am angry can not figure out what in the world I had done wrong! Well mirror and assembly on but not perfect fit!! I am ocd it was driving me crazy! Came in just a few ago started doing research the mirror I need is what comes on Lincoln mkx! Had no clue about this! No way to return my 350 dollar purchase cause I done some major work on it to get it to fit tight!! But it does not line up and driving me crazy!!!! Well I guess I learned my lesson but had no clue thst mirrors on my wife's 2009 actually had mirrors for Lincoln on it!! So trying to find one! Like I said all that is on it now is just the power to adjust mirror. If I got heated mirror would that be lot more work to install? Or does in run off of the same power that the electric mirror runs off of!! Any help or suggestion or anyone got one to sell!! O my wife does want the mirror thst has smaller mirror built into it! Other than that really need nothing else for it at this time!!!!

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