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John Sherwin

Headlights stay on or come on at random,Heater fan, Battery

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The lights on my 2014 Edge with 10K miles sometimes will not go off. I drive the car, auto lights come on, day or night. Stop car and turn off and lock. Lights stay on sometimes for hours. Sometimes will operate correctly. Turn off light switch manually has no effect, lights still stay on. Once had to disconnect the battery for lights to go off. This has been happening since the veh had 2K miles.

Secondly, the car can be sitting for hours, with no one around it and the headlights will come on. Stay on for minutes or hours, then go off. Last check with Ford Hotline states no known issues.

Additional. Heater/AC fan loses memory. Set the night before so veh will warm up remotely and no fan.

Additional. Had key on to listen to radio, one door open. 20 minutes later message on display shut radio down to save battry. Tried to start car, battery dead.

Yes, the car is going back to the dealer and they can keep it until it is fixed or replaced.


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sorry i can't help you, post back and tell us what your dealer does to fix your Edge :)

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