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who here wants a check list of what to inspect on new vehicle

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Well we have had some bad storms and my carpet

Is still dry.

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Update on my sport blue edge i have not signed

Papers yet. Last Thursday i inspected it and

Found a bent right rear applique. The left rear

Door sill plate and hardware wasn't seating

Properly. Went back today to pick it up and

Looked at it again after it was cleaned up.

This time i found a scratch on left rear

Passenger door. The girl took care of that

Scratch. Next i found a scratch on the black

Plastic girl gonna have that replaced to bad

Of a scratch. Next thing i found was the

Headliner had a deformity in the back from

The ones who installed it at the plant. I also

Found hand prints on the headliner. Also

They are gonna realign the liftgate its off

Slightly. Last but not least found the right

Front door had hit the front fender

at the plant and they

Did a hatchet repair job so body shop

Dealership is having to fix that before

We sign the papers.

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