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2013 Edge EcoBoost. BOV???

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Nice sound.



An DV(diverter valve) is actually better for overall performance than a BOV(blow-off valve).


The DV routes the extra boost back into the air-intake/ turbo to be reused and gives a bit of a boost to the engine, however the DV do not make any cool noise while doing it.


The BOV just vent the extra boost into the air which does not benefit the engine besides reducing boost pressure in the turbo, but it sounds cool. :)


Since the 2.0T Edge will not be winning any street races(unless against a Honda Pilot maybe) I guess losing a few HP to sound cool really is not a problem.

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Can you believe that the SHO/MKS actually have an electronic noisemaker in lieu of a BOV???



VW/Audi also use sound tricks to get the turbo cars to sound cooler.


I actually like my turbo cars to be quiet.


But some owners need to have their car performance be noticeable when they drive around.


Hence the gimmicks used by manufacturers to appease the performance crowd. :)

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Thanks for taking the time to make the video and tutorial. I would normally do the same to my '13 Edge 2.0L, but I'm getting ready to upgrade to a '16 Explorer Sport 3.5TT.

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