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Protect Dip Emblem Review

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Hey everyone, as a first post I'd like to share my experience (so far) with Protect Dip spray on rubber paint. This paint is pretty much the same as Plasti Dip and can be found at Canadian Tire or http://www.protectdip.com/.


I picked up the best masking tape I could find, just in case it didn't work out.




Here are the nice before pics:






It was about +8C (46.4F) the day I did it. (Which I should of waited because the next was was +20C :banghead: )

But the wife's hair dryer worked just fine.




I started masking the area:






First Coat:




Second Coat:




Third Coat:




I did four coats all together but daylight was running out and I am a very impatient man. I used the hair dryer to warm and speed up the curing process. I used a toothpick to notch around the edges and simply peeled away the excess.




Here is the finished product:






Of course if I had taken my time and had a warm enclosed area I could of done a way better job.

The whole time it took me to do both sides was about 45 to 60 minutes. I did mask a good area off but still managed to have a bit of over spray. Not to worry though because it comes off very easily with a microfiber rag. Here is the other side which I want to redo:






So far the Protect Dip is holding up, only thing I've noticed is it attracts dust very easily. Much like any flat black material. I will update as time goes on! The snow is about to fly up here in Alberta and I will see how the product holds up. My next dipping task will be the chrome trim piece above the headlights and grille. Stay tuned!

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if those emblems weren't present, they couldn't attract dust....

Haha yeah I did think about debadging it. Does anyone have any pics of their edge debadged?

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Very nice! The sport looks real good. This is something I will consider in the future. Thanks!

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So its been almost 7 months and I'm back with the final product review. This stuff is still intact after countless washes and the Canadian winter. Here are some pics:



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