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Recently installed new rear shocks on the 2011 Ford Edge limited with about 106K miles on the original rear shocks. I chose to use KYB shocks for the replacements. The installation required the partial removal of the two rear interior quarter panels and the rear flooring and storage tray supports around the spare tire.


Full access can be obtained by just partially removing the rear quarter panels. Not a long involved job. Without video you could get it done in about an hour. Keep in mind the changes from the 2008 to the 2011


Lower bolt for shock has been increase in diameter and the bolt and nut both have different sized heads


OEM shocks to KYB shocks both used different sized nuts with the OEM being larger sized compared to the KYB nuts and the threading was different also on them so you can not used the same larger nuts from the OEM.


The hula skirt is an optional item to use while changing the shocks. LOL


Hope the video helps. Just a note: There would of been more video, but I forgot to hit record a few times.

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