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Replacing black cross section grill insert?

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2013 Edge Limited


I bought this and it has one of those blue ox tow bars installed through the grill. It doesnt look too bad but it makes a squeak somewhere in there so I'd like to remove it.


Looks like this



Anyways when it was installed they cut out part of the black cross section looking grill insert for the parts to stick through. I found a video on how to install so I can remove it, but was wondering if anyone knows if I can just buy and replace the black grill inset part ? Ive looked online and cant seem to find this. Partly because I am not too sure what just that one part is called. I certainly would not want to have to buy the entire front part of the car.


I dont want to take it all apart and then put it all back together leaving the holes cut in the plastic.



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Perfect thx for the link. Exactly what I needed.

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