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Installation of Odyssey Extreme 65 battery video

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I replaced the motorcraft 540 cca battery that was about 19 months old and dead or dying with an Odyssey Extreme 65-PC1750 AGM deep cycle 950 CCA battery. My Edge has never started so fast!!! Great battery and you can say good bye to lazy cold winter starts.

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Another great video Mac! I just replaced the 540CCA motorcraft OEM battery.


Went to start car today and no dice. Used my wife's car to jump mine and still no go.


Put my meter on it and battery was at 4.7V! Not good.


Got a great deal on an interstate megatron plus MTP-65 with 850 CCA ($89, yes $89!). Installed it in less than 10 minutes (your video was perfect). 12.6V before turning the key. 14.37 upon firing it up (whew, alternator still good).


Absolutely an improved and faster response when starting the car.

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