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What to look for in a 2010 edge

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I'm looking at a 2010 a Edge and want to know if their are any issues with that year I should be on the lookout for. Any help would be appreciated

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Nothing really that specific to 2010. There is a general alert for the PTU on AWD Edge vehicles, regardless of year in the range of 2007-14. The TSS/OSS sensors in the transmission become suspect at mileages over 100,000. Both are less likely to have issues if the fluids have been regularly exchanged. Wheel bearings can also be an issue


The best thing to do is to look at TSBs for this model year:



This will give you an idea of how many people have experienced these issues that rose to the level of Ford issuing a TSB and/or a recall. Not meant to scare you, just inform.


Make sure the Edge is not involved in the fuel tank recall, and if it is, that the recall work is complete before you take delivery.


Chrome clad wheels build up gunk/dirt behind the covers, can cause wheels to be unbalanced and thus "wobbly".


Cabin air filter may be in dire need of replacement.


Warranty would be good to go with, CPO if possible, so you have some time to discover and correct any hidden issues.

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I have an 09 MKX, there are recalls on the gas tank and air bags (certain build dates, locations). Tank takes about 1/2 day to replace.


Definitely agree to consider the extended warranty. I've used mine several times and nearly paid for. One failure with transmisdion or PTU and your ahead of the game.


Does it have Navigation? If do, is it possible to negotiate the latest version of maps (latest DVD just came out and runs $150).


Does it have latest version of Sync? Some upgrades must be installed by dealer and you get charged for install.


Other than that, 20" tires ard much more expensive to replace than 18"s.


Is the car being sold at dealership and is it certified?

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