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New 2017 Edge, loaded, day1 notes

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We bought a new 2017, ordered with the specs we wanted. We waited for over a month and took delivery yesterday. I'm just posting some of my notes after spending the morning going over the manual and exploring the options. I figure this might help others who are looking.




3.5 v-6 - I did not want turbos on this, I preferred the standard, simple, well tested

20" wheels (lots of debate, glad I went with the 20's

Drivers Package - adaptive cruise/collision warning/adaptive steering/power adjust steering wheel/

Cargo Accessory Package - cargo area cover / cargo mat / rear bumper protector /

Cold weather package - heated steering wheel / all weather floor mats (may move to CO)

Tow Hitch package - with "sway control" but not yet confirmed if 2017 has larger radiator which is what I was after. On our old model, the tow package did come with a different radiator and maybe fans, but from what I have read the new model has nothing different other than the "sway control". http://www.fordescape.org/forum/engine-technical-discussion/11714-class-ii-tow-package-question.html



My raw notes from this morning's exploration;


  1. We have 6 months Sirius.

    1. Includes access via app on phone, and on PC.

    2. Channel lineup; https://www.siriusxm.com/channellineup/

  2. Looks like warranty includes Ford road service (card in manual)

  3. The ignition lockout deal; seems to be related to controlling CA DUI and non-paying buyers disguised as a security system. I’m glad we did not get it.

  4. Controls

    1. Music

      1. It will run phone apps like Spotify or music apps if you plug in phone via USB, it will display the phone app on the display.

    2. Parking

      1. Active Park Assist

        1. Will park parallel both park and unpark (in and out) and perpendicular (park / IN only).

      2. Side Sensing System detects objects within 24”

    3. Cameras

      1. Backup camera as expected

      2. Front camera works with rear

      3. Front has wide angle and standard views, accessible through the audio unit.

      4. Have to be in D or N to view cameras, if not backing up.

      5. Front camera only works at speeds under 6 MPH

      6. Designed mainly for pedestrian crossing views and safety.

    4. Cruise Control

      1. Set speed does not erase with a cancel or brake tap. Hit “resume” to resume. (old car, brake tap erased)

      2. Adaptive Cruise Control

        1. 4 adjustable gap settings; displayed on icon

        2. Maintains gap to vehicle in your lane in front of you

        3. 1,2,3,4 gap settings are in yards, 31, 43, 55, 67 respectively.

        4. It will NOT do a panic stop, but will slow if needed and apply brakes.

    5. Driver Alert (monitors how alert you are)

    6. Lane Keeping System

      1. Steering wheel stalk control

      2. Will do “alert” (shake wheel) and an “aid” (turns wheel) one or both, with three levels of intensity on “alert”

    7. Cross Traffic Alert - detects if cars or people are going by when you want to back out. Always on.

    8. Collision Warning System

      1. In a word, it will not automatically stop to prevent a rear end accident.

      2. It will warn you via loud audible alarm and flashing lights.

      3. It will pre-charge the brake system so that even a touch on the brakes will do a full panic mode brake lockup.

    9. Adaptive Steering

      1. Normal or Sport mode.

      2. Needs to “relearn” if battery disconnected or power loss.

  5. Spare tire

    1. Probably not, probably a sealant kit + compressor (cig lighter in rear of car) need to check.

  6. Break in

    1. Seems to be no mention of engine break in but interestingly, the tires have a 1,000 mile break in period. Basically try to drive slow and nice.

  7. Steering wheel is adjustable on side of column

  8. Autowipers = when on intermittent, only run if moisture is present.

  9. 110 v outlet in center console

  10. Lock doors without fob by touching top of latch

  11. Wipers are heated and turn on when rear window heat is on. Maybe it heats the fluid, IDK.

  12. Blind Spot Indicator - flashes spot on mirror if someone in blind spot. If you turn on the blinker, increases alarm and audio alarm.

  13. Hands free tailgate; kick like a soccer kick under center of bumper. No sideways. Do not grab the liftgate, this will activate the obstruction detection feature.

  14. Gas tank = 18.5 gallon

  15. MyKey; saves your settings in the key you use.
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Congrats on the new ride, put up some pics! I find it very mysterious there being no mention of FWD vs AWD, so I am guessing you went with FWD, judging by tank size :)

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Congrats. The safety features are fun to play with :)

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