First off, I'm so very glad that i got this done, i would have preferred to this myself, but I'm not very technical when it comes to installing something that didn't come on the car. The Mechanic around the corner from my house, was very interested in this install because he hasn't heard of the issue on Ecoboosts (he's mainly a diesel mechanic, working on VW's & bigger trucks), but also does regular maintenance items on pretty much all vehicles. He was very awesome to deal with & if i have any issues in the future, he's a very nice person to deal with. He's also an independent, so he's always interested in learning more things to improve his business.   This kit was purchased from for around $350   Here's some Video's/Links that may help you with your installation: 2.0 Focus ST RXP Catch Can Installation:     Explain of the importance of a Catch Can & Installation of an RXP Catch Can on a F-150:     Another F-150 RXP Catch Can Installation:     Tracy Lewis Performance Channel (Multiple RXP Catch Can Installations) -   General Installation Instructions -     First we removed the intake manifold, There's plenty of videos of this online, with some slight variables, but is pretty easy to figure out. We reused the stock connections from the PCV & Intake Manifold:     We then decided on a location for the Catch Can. Best place that we could fine, was on the sub frame pretty much right behind the oil drain plug. There's already a hole there & the bracket that came with the can, fit perfectly.         With that mounted in it's permeate location, We 'roughly' routed the lines from the Intake Manifold & PCV back to the catch can. After that, we then ran the lines to what they called "in boost evacuation". The best location that we could find, was on the top of the engine & has a yellow connector next to the quick connect. Here's a pic with the Quick Connector removed:       We then added the Check Valves & routed the lines back to the Catch can in a more permeate. Zip Tied the line from the "In Boost Evacuation" to the A/C lines so that it we be far enough away from the Turbo & Exhaust Manifold. Here's the pic of the other check valve. This located roughly between the air box & the engine.       We had to do a little tinkering with the hose clamps & connectors on the valve cover to get the engine cover to fit. We then added the Clean Side Separator Cap. Now, I wasn't a fan of drilling a hole into the airbox to get filtered fresh air, so i added a simple breather filter on the end of the separator cap. I'm going to tinker with this over the next few weeks to get a better 'look', but as long as you're getting filtered air from somewhere, you're good.     I hope this give people a general idea of where/how to mount their Catch Can. This particular catch can, has 3 connections on it, instead of the traditional 2. The traditional 2 connection catch can typically can go in between the intake manifold & the PCV, which may be easier, but it also might not offer the same amount of protection as the as what was installed today.
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