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Todd Richardson

Replace Logo 2013 Edge

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There are two 10mm bolts and four plastic phillips screw across the top of the grill. Remove these to loosen grill.

The logo is attached to the bezel (ring around the logo) so you have to remove the bezel.

On the back of the bezel there are three tabs, two on bottom one on top. Using a long screw driver or flat pry bar push down on one of the bottom tabs firmly while pulling from the front of the bezel. you will feel it when it pops out. Do the same for the other bottom tab then you can pull the whole thing off.

The rest is pretty evident, there are two plastic posts that have nuts on them. The nuts cut threads into the posts as they are turned.

That's why the replacement logo has two smooth posts on it whicpost-45586-0-56905300-1488721701_thumb.jpgpost-45586-0-88548600-1488721705_thumb.jpgh confused me at first.

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Thanks, gotta install the new one I've had laying around for over a year.

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