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JMS PedalMax G2 Edge Sport

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I'm late to this party but all EcoBoosted motors have twin scroll turbos = no lag.


I think you are incorrect sir. The 2L-I4 is a Single Twin Scroll turbo engine . The 2.7L-V6 is a Twin Turbo engine.
Check out this video and notice how the Ford Tech is careful when he talks about Twin Turbo and Twin Scroll as they are two very different things.
I also have come to the conclusion that the PedalMax only effects throttle lag and the throttle curve. Has nothing to do with the turbos. So to those who told me so you were correct and I was ignorant of the facts. LMS now offers a a similar unit, they call it a LME Throttle Enhancer. I spoke to LMS about the PedalMax and they state it is compatible with their tunes.


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The first gen 2.0L EBs were single scroll also but they don't have any turbo lag either. Because the turbos are small.

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Correct. Ford only recently started switching to a twin scroll turbo on their new 2.0 and 2.3's. I do not even think a twin scroll twin turbo system is possible on a V6 configuration. There is probably more drive by wire electronic throttle body lag if anything for those of us who grew up on mechanical throttle bodies in everything.

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