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Transmission damage?

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So my 16 year old learner driver son decided to widen my garage door opening with my service F-150. The F-150 bumper/garage door pushed my 13 SEL AWD which was parked in the garage ahead about a foot. Nice front wheel skid marks on the garage floor.


Is there a possibility that transmission, axles, etc got damaged and if so, how would I know/tell?

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Sorry to hear that, my wife does that to my lawnmower all the time.

The parking pawl in the transmission probably took the brunt of the force. I would pay close attention to the driveline parts CV joints/axles that lead up to the trans. If the car drives and acts normal now you probably avoided any damage. Is the back of the car damaged badly? Keep an eye and ear open for noises that increase with road speed and look for oil leaks from the PTO. :)

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