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Welcome to Name that Noise (2014 Edge SEL)

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Thank you for wanting to play Name that Noise!


Before you listen to the audio recording of the noise, here are your clues:

  • 2014 Ford Edge SEL FWD
  • Only 17,000 miles
  • Only makes the noise when turning left
  • The sharper the turn, the more noise it makes, especially when turning into parking stalls.
  • Noise seems to come from right front
  • Do not feel anything in steering wheel or brakes
  • Only does it while moving forward, not stationary and turning wheel
  • Does not seem to do it in reverse when wheel is cranked over to the left
  • Brakes seem good, are releasing and vehicle does not pull

Ready for the sound? Please click this link to my dropbox. It is a 16 second audio file recorded while making 2 left sharp turns in a parking lot.




Seriously, any thoughts?

I did post this in the suspension section too of course. Got the car from CarMax and have their warranty, but have not been impressed in the past with their work.


I appreciate your time and thoughts.



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Sounds to me like the strut mount bearing is seizing. It's allowing the coil spring to rotate on its base. The spring does not move smoothly however, it jumps as it rotates, creating the clicking (or "ratching") type sound. Best if you Motorcraft.


Depending on how many miles you have on your car, may consider replacing the struts as well. (After all you have to pull them to change the strut mounts anyway).


Motorcraft also sells a preassembled strut/spring assy. Don't have to worry about borrowing or buying a spring compressor and removing the old mount and spring. Just remove old strut and pitch. New strut goes right in. Saves time and restores the original height (if that's a concern).


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Here's a video I posted a while back. See if this sounds like your problem.

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I didn't listen to the sound files.

But, I had a bad strut mounting bearing on my 2014 Edge. Front right side.

The coil spring rotates with the knuckle. This thrust bearing allows the spring to rotate freely.

The bearing is on top of the coil spring.

I have about 40,000 miles. As enigma suggested for consideration, I replaced both strut/spring assemblies. So much easier than disassembling.


The way I diagnosed the thrust bearing is to reach above the tire and rest your fingers on the spring.

Don't reach into the spring or grab the spring.... just rest your hand on it.

With the car in park, have someone turn the steering wheel. If it jumps or vibrates as it is rotating... you have a bad bearing.

For comparison, try the same thing on the other side.

There should be a dramatic difference between the good and bad sides.

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