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Cost of Paint Job

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Has anyone gone for a complete exterior paint job?? I'm curious to know what it would cost.

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Is it White Platinum? if so, expect increased costs as that is a 3 stage paint job (basecoat, pearl, clear coat)


What year?


Part of the cost will be how many gallons of paint will be required. I would roughly say 3-4.


Will this be a show quality paint job or an Earl Scheib/Maaco Special?

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Anywhere from $500 to $10,000.


Are you trying to re-paint it to sell it? Then hit up Maaco and do it on the cheap.


If you plan to keep it a long time- I'd guess you are looking at a minimum of $3,000 for a quality paint job in the OEM color. Just the paint, filler, sandpaper, tape, masking, and cleanup chemicals add up real quick.


A color change will drive the cost way up if you want the jambs to match.


The one vehicle I had re-painted was a cheap Maaco job 20 years ago. I pulled as much trim as I could before I took it to them- head and tail lights, wipers, mirrors etc. It held up pretty damn good considering it was only $350.

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