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Engine swap

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So I have a 2010 LTD Edge with a cratered motor, wan't to replace motor but I don't have a lift. Has anybody seen or done a swap (dropped it from bottom) without a lift and if so how. I can't find anybody that rents anything close to a lift, to get the car up high enough to dropped it out. Any hope would be greatly appreciated. I do not wan't to sell this car and can't afford someone else to swap it out at this time


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Years and years ago, my uncle dug a pit about 4 ft deep, and dropped his transmission by squatting in this pit. For an engine I would imagine you would need to get down at least 6 ft. (But, yea, you "can" do it without a lift).


Hook a portable engine lift to the engine, pull the fasteners, drop it into the pit, push the car back, pull to old engine out of the pit, drop the new engine into pit, push the car back and hoist the new engine into the engine bay.


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