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07 Ford Edge, Hard to start after sitting 2 days

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Hi Mact and everyone that's reading this post..I have an 07 Edge with 137,000 miles.(It sat in my garage 2 days without me starting it prior to this happening) this morning it didn't start right up as it usually does, instead it cranked over fast (battery is good) but didn't want to start, I cranked it about 10 seconds, then stopped cranking, then maybe another 10 and stopped cranking, then on the 3rd try of cranking over good and fast it finally started up. I drove it about 2 miles and it ran great with no problems. came back home and shut it off, it started right back up that time and several more times with no problem. I let it sat for 2 1/2 hours, went out and started it right up again no problem, drove about 4 miles to get some Lucas fuel injector cleaner, added it to the tank and filled up with gas, I was at almost 3/4 tank before fill up. shut it off and restarted a few more times with no problem...could it be my purge valve failing? I didn't fill it with gas before this happened. could it be a fuel injector leaking down or the fuel pump leaking down after the Edge sits a couple days. any help is appreciated...Thanks in advance..

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