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A few weeks ago the rear glass panel on our 2016 Sport (about 9000 miles on it) cracked and spidered while I was going up our driveway, bumpy at about 20mph. Off to the dealer, inspection and many photos and Ford agrees to cover under warranty. So far so good. dealer orders the glass and... it's not available. The parts catalogue shows a separate rear glass panel with a part number but apparently that's an error. The only way to replace the rear glass is to replace the entire BAMR, frame, mechanisms glass as a complete assembly. Part price over $6000 Hudson Bay Pesos, about $4500 US. Still honouring warranty approval. Whew! Just worried now about the finished repair: will the BAMR work, look proper and will the interior including headliner be as perfect as before?


Anyone else have this glass replaced?

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The deed is done. And the punch line is... Furd once again revised the part story. In the end the glass panel was available, the entire BAMR frame was not replaced. Big props to Nelson Ford, roof looks like it came from factory and didn't cost me a cent.

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