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So....Got new APIM installed in 2012 Ford Limited Edge with NAV AND...

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and along wih that tech installed a new A9 SD NAV chip I purchased on E Bay. Everything worked fine.....for about 10 days.


Then....started getting a message on the NAV line that said "insert valid SD Chip". Guess it didn't like the E bay A9 chip....from a company in Atlanta Ga.


Installed the A4 chip I was using before....and so far.....everything works fine.


Thought maybe some software update was needed for the A9 chip....but Syncmyride.com says my Edge has the latest update......Sync2 V3.10


From settings on the dash it says CCPU S/W 3.10.16180


So.....do I have the latest update? Hard for me to tell from the discussions on here.


Or.....does it not like the E Bay SD chip? Will A9 from Ford work?


At the Ford site where you order new chips ($149.000 US and Canada), looks like I do have the latest software. Sync my ride said I got a software update on June 25, 2018 with the new APIM. Car has been registered there from beginning when I bought it new, and shows full history of software updates. Says I'm up to date.


I do have a portable Garmin with lifetime maps that works great.....and could live with that and the old A4 chip......but inquiring minds want to know....and you guys usually have the answers. Thanks

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You have the latest version. Run an error check on your SD card in Windows and see if that helps.

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Ford must embed some "code" into the factory SD chips to make them proprietary and the E Bay ones don't don't have that. But some report the E Bay chips working. Shucks.....the A9 one I bought worked for about 10 days before the "insert valid SD Chip" came on.

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Heres a link that explain how to fix your generic card.




* Make a backup first!!!! *


Download (feel free to mirror):




1.) Buy a 64GB SDCard (µSD with SD Adapter is just fine, make sure you have an Android >= 5.0 device which can read this card size!!!)

2.) Format the SDCard with FAT32 (use the fat32formatter.exe in the Tools directory, make sure all Windows Explorers are closed or the program will exit with an error)

3.) Install FordActivator.apk on your Android phone and put SD-Card into the Android device!

4.) Run FordActivator on the Android Phone (>= Android 5.0)

5.) Put SD-Card into PC and first remove all Android Files and Folders! (DO NOT REMOVE SdCard.key!!!!) Just remove everything except the SdCard.key!

6.) Copy all Contents of the original SD to your own created SDCard (DO NOT OVERWRITE SdCard.key!!!!!)

7.) Have fun!

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Thanks for your reply.

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