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2017 Edge How to install power for amateur radio gear

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Hi folks - I am looking for way to get wiring to the battery from inside the cabin of my Ford Edge 2017 Titanium 2.0 ECOBoost.

It looks like a tough task. I need to be able to pull about 10 amps and this will not work through a cigarette lighter outlet.

Is there some convenient way to run two wires? Say 8 gauge or 10 gauge wires.... need a hole through to

the cabin or is there perhaps some other clever high current outlet in the cabin? I can;t even see how to GET T)O the rear terminal on the battery as it is up under the rear of the hood compartment.

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I don't have a '17 but on my '13 Edge and my Mustang, the power outlets are 20A circuits. I use a Kenwood dual band (2M and 70cm) mobile unit in them running mid-power (which only draws 5.5A on VHF and 6.5A on UHF) through a cigarette plug adapter. I have even used it on high power for 70cm simplex without blowing the fuse (it draws 13A for high power with 50W output). The circuit can handle it... just make sure you get a good quality plug that won't overheat due to resistance.



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EXCELLENT tip - thank you so much!!

That will save me a LOT Of trouble!

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