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EDGE Sport EcoBEAST on Snow and Ice

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We went up north this weekend to visit some family and over the course of the visit we got around 15cm of snow with -10 degrees C temperatures. Not usually a problem except for the fact that we are still on the Pirelli All Seasons that has now covered a relatively hard 37 000km. We managed to maintain a safe speed of between 80 and 100kph without the traction or stability control needing to intervene once on the snow and Ice covered pavement. The only way you could tell there was some clever trickery going on was by looking at the Intelligent AWD display that showed how the car moved the power from the front to rear axles to keep the vehicle tracking straight and true. Had the car been fitted with its winter tires I am confident we would have been able to stick to the posted 110kph speed limit the entire way. 

If you are in the market for an AWD SUV and you stumble upon this whilst you are researching options, you will not be disappointed in how the Edge handles these tricky situations!

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