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2008 limited edge fwd front right(pass) axle seal problems

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I have attempted to put two of these axle seals in my edge with no luck. I have a couple questions I was hoping to get help with answering. 

1. It appears that the front left (drivers side) axle shaft seal and the  front right (passenger side) intermediate shaft seal are different. Is this correct? Can anyone help me confirm?

2. The intermediate shaft seal appears to me that there is no lip on the outer diameter of the seal to rest on the casing meaning you drive the seal in until the lip rests on the casing and your done. 

I'm just trying to figure this out. I've done this job twice just for it to end up leaking again. And over a period of time it ruins the transmission mount. 

The last time I did this procedure I the intermediate shaft didn't look unusual. I'm thinking the third time doing this is the "charm" 

And maybe this time I might look into replacing the intermediate shaft as well. 

Also I have the infamous wheel bearing growl as well but that will be another time. I'm just looking for a little bit of help. All the videos and tutorials that I have found online have been about changing the drivers side and not the passengers side axle shaft seal.

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