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How to temporarily hook up my cooling fans direct or to a toggle switch

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My 08 Lincoln MKX overheated the other day, and I am pretty sure it is the cooling fan control module that is the problem.
I tested both cooling fans by disconnecting them from the control module, and connecting them directly to the battery (12v) - and both fans worked.

The real issue

I live on a small island in the caribbean, and new parts will take a couple of weeks to get here,
so in the meantime,  I am trying to figure out how to hook up my fans to some sort of power so that I can still drive this thing, but without setting it on fire!

Some  things I've tried
I tried connecting the positive fan wire to the positive wire on one of my high-beam lights (I removed the bulb) - thinking when I turned on the high beams, it could turn on my cooling fans, and that this would be a protected circuit, but that blew the 15A fuse immediately.

There are 2 X 40 amp fuses under the hood for the cooling fans,  (they don't look like normal fuses) -  and I thought it would make sense to use that power, but surprisingly, there is constant power coming from both of those fuses.

I found an empty slot in the fuse box under the hood which has power when the ignition is on only, so I thought great, but when I tried connecting my wires to it, the little wire I used to tap into the fuse hole got real hot and started smoking within seconds. So I pulled the plug on that idea real quick.


Anyone have any ideas for a simple solution? I just need the fans to go on with key on or connected to a circuit that I could easily control form inside the car.
I mostly use this car to go to the gym which is 5 minutes away. And I should receive my new fan assembly, including the control module within the next 2 or 3 weeks.


For anyone interested, here is the online version of the manual - and on page # 244  shows all the fuses.





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