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3 visits for O2 sensor -bank 1, sensor 2

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2016 Ford Edge SEL w/ 5,000 miles - runs fine, but  CEL on with P013, P0054, P0141, P0036.  This last time the Ford Dealer said they fixed it. I drove AROUND THE BUILDING Aand the CEL came back on. They checked it again and said it now has different codes (I was not told what ones). It has been 5 days since they are waiting for "Tech Support"

to call them back.


I bet they just updated PCM and did not clear old codes or a file got corrupted. Now they do not know what to do.


Any suggestions?  I may find another dealer, but I bought the car new from them...

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wow that is some low mileage.  is it an ecoboost or the 3.5 engine?  has the oil been changed yet?  is your driving highway/mixed/city?  is the battery original to the car?


Trying to get a feel as to where the Edge might be in terms of maintenance to decide what to troubleshoot.


South Main (great YT channel) video on the codes you mentioned


P0013 is more troublesome



" A code P0013 may mean that one or more of the following has happened: Faulty oil control valve (OCV) Open or short in the OCV / solenoid valve Damaged computer (PCM)"



AT4Z-6M280-A    VCT Solenoid – Left Side Exhaust Or Right Side Intake

AT4Z-6M280-C    VCT Solenoid – Right Side Exhaust

AT4Z-6M280-B    VCT Solenoid – Left Side Intake

BR3Z-6C535-A    Seal – VCT Cover


DTC P0030, P0036, P0053, P0054, P0135, or P0141.pdf

TSB 16-0093_3.5L-ILLUMINATED MIL-DTC P0011, P0015, P0016, P0017, P0018, P0019, P0021 ANDOR P0025-UNDER 3200KM (2000 MILES).pdf


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Its a 2.0 Eco boast and has had all maintenance via dealer . Today they dealer fixed it!  It was a short in the main engine wiring harness. They replaced the harness.

Now runs fine!

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