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Liftgate Ajar message

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Just some information for the next person who has this issue.

The "LIFTGATE AJAR" message came up last week and would not turn off. You can clear it with the Reset button but annoyingly the doors won't lock while driving (rather unsafe...) and the puddle lights stay on for several minutes after the car is turned off. I had no physical issues with latching or closing the gate, and the general advice of lubricating it with WD40 didn't change anything in this case.

I ordered replacement latch assembly "7T4Z7843150B" for ~$90. 4 phillips head screws and a bunch of push pins are all that holds the plastic interior trim panel (image 1). Inside, just disconnect the bottom cable (image 2) and remove the 3 torx screws that hold the latch in. There's only one cable connected to the latch itself, the upper cable connects to the lock/unlock button. Very easy to put back together. Glad it was just the latch and not a more tedious wiring issue. 





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