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Order and Delivery Issues

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This message needs to be forwarded to Kumar Galhotra at Ford Corporate today as each Wednesday he holds Ford product line focus group meetings to go over issues.  My issue is that I ordered an Edge ST June 14, 2018; that order along with four other sequential VIN number orders were accepted by Ford July 3, 2018.  My unit was built and invoiced to the dealership on Oct. 16, 2018.  It is now nine weeks since that build date and the dealership has received each of the other sequential number builds along with other 2019 Edges; however, there has been absolutely NO information forthcoming on my ST and the dealer has tried everything possible to obtain more information to no avail.  And when I have contacted Ford customer relations they simply state they cannot help me on this issue as they have no way to find out.  How can this be in the modern computer tracking world we live in??  No wonder Ford is going down hill if they cannot even keep track of their vehicles and inform long time customers or their dealerships!!   Lets add Bill Ford and Jim Hackett to the list of those who should receive this note!!

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