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20's on a 2016

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Hey guys. New to The forum, and a new edge owner. I've been looking through this forum for days and can't really find a straight answer. Right now I have 18 /8 wheels and I'm looking to go to a 20 /8.5.. apparently my factory rims have a 52 mm offset?! The best rim I could find to suit me as a 40 mm offset. To me this seems like a huge difference. after doing the math I figure my wheels are going to extend an extra three quarters of an inch. Has anyone done this? I don't want them to stick out too far, and I can't find any pictures in here that says what offset they used. I also don't want to put any extra wear and tear on parts or change my ride too awful much. Any opinions, or pictures, would be greatly appreciated!! According to tire rack, and discount tire, they should fit just fine.

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The 12mm difference in offset will make the 20x8.5" wheel have the same clearance on the inside of the wheel and stick out 0.5" further than your 18x8, as long as you don't go crazy with tires you should be fine.


www.1010tires.com have some great calculators 

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