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Hello all,


I've officially joined the ranks of Edge owners with the purchase of a (lease return) 2016 Titanium w V-6, 301 equipment package and 20" wheels. 

At the moment the Edge is bone stock....I don't even think the P.O. connected the car for system updates so that will be one of my first tasks.  I'm hoping Android auto will be part of that download (could it be that easy?) 


I'm coming to the Edge from a 2014 Toyota Avalon Limited.  I created a website to detail the modifications made to that car.  You can see it here
Changes will be made to the Edge beginning with a bug deflector for the front.  I live in the desert (near Phoenix) so a deflector is really more for rocks than bugs.  If others can suggest worthy modifications you've made to your Edge I'd love to hear them. 


Attached pics were taken at the dealership after my first test drive.  I'm still trying to figure out what the color really is.  It appears maroon sometimes, brown in other light.




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Welcome to the forum!

That is "Bronzefire Metallic Tinted Clearcoat", same color I have on my 2016.

What color is the interior?


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Hi Bamabob,


The interior is very very black ;)

I'm searching the forum hoping someone has posted a way to add a front camera.  A module maybe?  I'm also looking a trailer hitch recommendations. 



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