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Transmission Shutters at 1500 rpm

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I have a 2007 Ford Edge with automatic transmission.  As of this past two weeks or more and even after a lub, oil and transmission service the transmission shakes/studers around 1500 rpm.  The transmission fluid was low. The auto speed is not necessarily the issue rather it is RPM of the engine and the low demand on the transmission (low demand) that somehow triggers a studder/shake around 1500 rpm and I can see the tachometer needle vacillate at times. Any sense as to what is causing the shuddering at 1500 rpms and what/how is wrong and what is to be repaired?


Thank you, 

Scott (Strongman)


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Try driving with O/D turned off.  If this reduces or eliminates the issue, you are looking at torque converter replacement.  I am leaning this way because you mention tach vacillation.

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Had this similar issue and 1st time Tcm was replaced by dealer, 2nd time  torque converter was replaced along with new fluid.  Having the codes pulled made the difference and pointed at tcm vs no codes on torque converter and an engine stall test would help to confirm  torque converter issues.


1 check codes, if no codes then stall test to perform to see if u confirm torque converter has fault, if nothing then change fluid as 1st step,  change torque converter might be 2nd step that cost more money for parts and time as you have to pull transmission and change like changing a dry clutch etc.


you might also check your engine mounts first as if they are eroded/disintegrated that can cause the rev/rpm change also.


all from experience....


others have mentioned sensors which is true but you check those w codes or via scan tool making sure readings are accurate in input and output shaft readings etc. and may show faults when looking at live data vs fault codes as has to reach certain numbers of faults to throw codes....


tcm failure 40k miles,

torque converter about 80k and no towing


TCI builds quality aftermarket torque converters

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