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2011 Edge that came with remote start

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why now... years later.. who knows...

but i got a 2011 edge that i purchased new in 2011, it is loaded... it came with the remote start..

got the IA keys of course

what i want to try to do is, extend the range and or add the cellular option... the range now might not even be 100ft

i popped off the inside edge of the LH read quarter panel cover, and saw the there is an "antenna" as i can see the coax plugged into the TPMS module

so when it comes from the factory with remote start... what are my options

is there another antenna for longer range?

also when i looked... i didnt actually see the antenna, only the coax wire leaving the TPMS module...

i thought the antenna would be attached to the metal (to me not actually ideal) but it goes somewhere...









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Can I use the antenna only? And is it plug and play?


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